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The EG350 is a heavy-duty edger that can successfully produce edged boards from larger timbers up to 100mm thick and maximise the productivity of your sawmill.

Powered in-feed and out-feed belts move boards through the edger. The moveable control console includes a variable feed knob to adjust the feed rate from 0 up to 20m per minute, depending on the size of the boards being edged.

The EG350 is supplied with two circular sawblades that move in and out from the centre. Each 450mm cutting blade is powered individually by an 8 kW electric motor – providing lots of power for quickly processing thick hardwood slabs into finished boards.


EG350 circular blades

Twin circular blades
Two 450mm blades move in and out from the centre of the machine.

EG350 Setworks

Setworks option
Quickly and precisely positions the blades for the correct board size.

EG350 Electric motor

Twin electric motors
2 x 8kW electric motors, one for each blade.

EG350 Laser

Laser option
Optional lasers assist the operator in accurately positioning the material for maximum recovery.

EG350 Rollers

Powered feed belts
Two steel top rollers and in-feed and out-feed belts move boards through the edger.

Sawdust removal port

Sawdust removal
Upper and lower sawdust outlets allow for comprehensive sawdust extraction.


 Standard  2 x 8 kW electric motor
for each blade
Cutting Capacity
 Max. Feed width  500 mm
 Max. Cutting width  400 mm
 Min. Cutting width  60 mm
 Max. Cutting thickness  100 mm
 Min. Cutting thickness  15 mm
 Min. Board Length  1100 mm
Edger Features & Options
 Standard  2 circular blades
 Adjustable speed
 Set of 2 lasers
Feed System
 No. of Powered rollers  2
 Feed speed  0-20 m/min
 Diameter  400 mm
 No. teeth  36
 Kerf  4 mm
 No. blades  2
 Blade thickness  4 mm
Edger Requirements
 Normal power usage 400 V 50 Hz 3Ph

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